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ISKA KAUCUK METAL PLASTIK SAN. Ve TIC. A.S. It was established on 15.03.2008 in Iskenderun bay of Hatay and continues its production activities in a 3,500 m² factory building, with 2.250 m² of it closed. ISKA KAUCUK A.S., which used to be producing only for the rubber element needs of the filter industry in the beginning, has today become one of the most wanted brands in the Turkish Rubber industry with its automotive supplier industry, agricultural and livestock sectors, antivibration products, machinery industry and industrial elastomeric products, with the filter industry still as its primary sector. ISKA KAUCUK A.S., which has always been pleased to meet the needs and expectations of its customers in the domestic market without sacrificing quality, has started its export activities since 2010 and continues to supply products for different sectors to four continents today. Our organization, which is the favorite of the European market especially with its antivibration products, has become a brand that Middle East filter manufacturers are looking for. ISKA KAUCUK A.S., acting with 100% customer satisfaction principle in the supply of rubber based elastomeric products, guarantees this with its staff, each specialized in their own field, and the ISO 9001 certificate that the company has possessed since its establishment. Our organization continues to grow every year from the beginning and continues to claim to be the locomotive of the Turkish Rubber Sector with an ever-increasing capacity to become a reliable brand in the sectors it addresses.

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